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[Chorus] I ain't took my chains off in weeks If I tuck it, th

Kevin Gates live performance in Houston Texas.#kevingates #liveperformance #tiktok #viral #youtubeshorts #youtube #music #musicartist #tiktokshorts #liveonstage[Hook] Looks like I've seen you in my dreams, or in a magazine People asking who are we (when we roll around) Though things are not as they may seem Won't you like the you want me Skip to this bed ...[Chorus] If I was to say I didn't miss you, I'd be a damn liar (A damn liar) God works in mysterious ways, don't understand why (Understand why) Talked to your mama and your sister from the ...

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[Bridge / Hook] For a long time I been getting paper I could never stepping on you haters My home boy tripping because he's an alcoholic Know it's a name for it but I don't know what to call it ...[Intro] (Ayy) Ayy You know I'm surgical with this, I'm 'bout to operate (How may I serve you today?) Don't mean to flex but tell me how much you can tolerate? [Chorus] My lil' shawty, shawty ...Kevin Gates - Satellites [Official Music Video]Stream/Download the new album I'M HIM - 'Khaza' Album OUT NOW!https://...♫ Kevin Gates - PTOE (Lyrics)Download/Stream PTOE By Kevin Gates:👉 Follow The Royal Tune:Instagram:[Hook] She says I'm a dog, but it takes one to know one, alright And I can go for hours, ain't believe me, had to show one, alright See I prefer the floor, not the bed Fiendin' for me, I can get ...A hunnid of 'em just sold it all Bitch I'm a big gangsta, I turn around with that foreign love Cocaina slanga, a hunnid of 'em just sold it all Surrounded by the angels, diamonds on when I'm talkin' love She wanna be my lil baby but I'm afraid to fall in love She say I only get excited when the pack touch down Pray that we don't don't get ...[Intro: Kevin Gates] Know what I've been going through lately? Sometimes I, I get depressed, I might overeat or I might not eat Sometimes I get to buying shit that I don't even need Clothes that I ...Kevin Gates - PowerStream/Download: 'Khaza' Album OUT NOW! Kevin live! https://...Feb 26, 2024 · One song that has had a significant impact on me is “Nasty” by Kevin Gates. The lyrics and the overall vibe of the song are catchy, but there is a deeper meaning behind the words. “Nasty” is a track from Kevin Gates’ debut studio album, “Islah,” released in 2016. She got a little bit of stomach, but that's okay, uh She gon' let a real nigga eat I appreciate a woman with a whole lot of cake, uh Baby, that's a whole lot of shake If I die, then I die, baby, ridin' my face, uh I'ma wrap my arm around your waist And hold on real tight while you do it Twerk like Lizzo when you're ridin' to the music She got a little bit of stomach, but that's okay, uh She ...Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer Man I swear to God I got some niggas out there in Shreveport so loyal it just don't make no fucking sense That my nigga I call'em Blocka That my bitch I call her Betty Crocker That my brother I call him hundred mane La Familia and I put that on my momma That my nigga I call'em Blocka That my bitch I call her Betty Crocker That my ...All they know is Kevin Gates I wish you would get in the way Through my section Willie Harry, with a weapon in my waist My lil' Juvie jumpin' rope, before I left and did a bid Used to watch her while I hustled, she would sing with her lil' friends They like "See that house on top of that hill, that's just where my boyfriend live" Kevin Gates. Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He is currently signed to Bread Winners' Association with a partnership with Atlantic Records. Update this biography » Complete biography of Kevin Gates » Now that I'm makin' it through the struggle. Haters be waitin' to see me fumble. I'm rock and solid, I never crumble. I'm like a Marley, I'm blowin' ganja. I took the route when I'm in the jungle ...Kevin Gates Lyrics. "Excuse Me". I be hopin' sometimes for a moment to feel the light shine. If life is a gamble I'm willin' to bet my last dime. I know what it is to be victim of this bed I made so I lay. Bought this bread I don't play. Goin' through hell tryna make it. Not even heaven could stand in my way. Niggas talkin' and that shit annoying. Real medicine music (I'm feelin' good, I'm feelin' great) Millz let it breathe (It's alright, raisin' our vibrations high in the air) Everyone come around, come on, start that bitch over (It's ... She got a little bit of stomach, but that's okay, uh Shout out to players who movin' bricks. Breakin' the package Three, four in the morning.". - Kevin Gates. "Anybody that's borderline brilliant - they're gonna suffer with depression. 'Cause you don't see the world how other people see the world. You see it for what it is. You see it different.". - Kevin Gates. "Out my window…. I see everything I dream about and wished I had.". [Chorus: Kevin Gates] Satellites, satellites Never really made ♫ Kevin Gates - Ups and Downs (Lyrics)Download/Stream Ups and Downs By Kevin Gates:👉 Follow The Royal Tune:Instagram: ht...Don't play with the hustle, you eat or you starve (I don't get tired) Don't mimic pretenders, just be who you are. Get it, get fly, I got six jobs, I don't get tired (And I don't get tired) I was trying to get it how I live (And I don't get tired) I want them dead presidents (And I don't get tired) I wanna pull up, (wanna pull up) head spent. I do this cuz I love you Consider it on a

Me Too Lyrics: Rock Boy Beats / That nigga Ladd got the juice, boy / Heard you want a nigga that's gon' please you / Suck your toes, dick you down, please you / She say, "Bae, I'm nasty", I sayHer nigga press hate, be hatin' on Gates. I don't got feelings, I married the game. I feel like I'd rather have it this way. Went got me a bag and I'm having my way. Gaining weight, got my bread long. I know you miss me, your head gone. I was wrong, I was dead wrong. Good heart but my head strong.[Intro: Kevin Gates] That's it right there Let me see something Man you something serious ya heard me Some might consider this a problem I easily fall in love Excuse me if I touch, you the ...🔔Subscribe & Watch Today's Best Lyric Videos Daily On Dark City Sounds!🎧Listen T...Kevin Gates Lyrics. "Wetty (Freestyle)" Erraticism for the first time when I drove you back outta Texas (Texas, woah) Different feeling in the front room by the fireplace when we sexin' (Oh) Move the mirror to the bedroom so I can see you, only if you let me (Oh) Blood all on my ugh, ate you on the rag, I know I’m aggressive (Uh)

[Chorus] I got two phones, one for the plug and one for the load I got two phones, one for the bitches and one for the dough Think I need two more Line bumpin', I'm ring-ring-ringin' Countin ...Kevin Gates - "Me Too" Rock Boy Beats That nigga Ladd got the juice, boy Heard you want a nigga that's gon' please you Suck your toes, dick you down, please you She say, "Bae, I'm nasty", I say, "Me too" Girl, you're...[Chorus] Huh, you done crushed me, how could you do this after telling me you love me? Emotional rollercoaster, introverted, I'm recovering I'm reluctant, don't want anyone to comfort me Make it ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. I got family across the water, we all the way retarded We got . Possible cause: The Kevin Gates Freak Nasty Collection · Playlist · 15 songs · 225 likes. The Kevin .

Kevin Gates - Baddest In The Building Lyrics Ducks get played, bad bitches get choose Bad bitches get their ears neck and wrist froze Boss bitch swag, you be shittin' on them hoes Love when you pose when them niggas take flicks Pull up to the club stuntin' hard in the six, six Drop the top I pull out the knot, I make all them hoes bow down to you Cause they ain't on ya level, imma change ...I just took a stand with my saggin pants. I just tell the truth like I'm Jesus Christ. Meant to say Jesus. I'm who they don't like. Imma move around I don't like the vibe. God up in heaven you know that I need you. To the polices just make me invisible. To all my haters just make me invincible.

Jewel discusses her anxiety disorder, her past traumas, and what some of her song lyrics mean to her on this podcast. Multiplatinum recording artist Jewel has won many awards and p...Lyrics. Hit the block Hustlin' hard dodgin' the squad car Poppin' off Runnin' ya jaw in front of the five star Die hard Live in the field killin' is my job Body on behind me With a shot at your boy Live in the star Get em scarred I could rock em to God In the same Never change Complainin' to earn somethin' Probation On the throat no joke Can't ...

Stay loyal, I might get you a whip (I could) First class f Kevin Gates - Intro - I Ain´t[Intro] Say, say Tasha say Brianna run over there and bring me my cup ya heard me Bring me that right there Nigga already know my swagger sit on the ceiling with hopes of grabbing a million If rap ... Kevin Gates Lyrics. "Healing". You know, we got flyWatch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer Download "By Any Means" on iTunes now! Kevin Gates - Bet I'm On It ft. 2 ChainzProduced by The Honorable C-NoteFollow GatesWebsite: ht...Nasty Lyrics: Hit me in my whip, that bitch nasty / Bad bitch, but her attitude nasty / Ooh ooh she the swoop, don't kiss her, that bitch nasty / I'm just lookin' for some thots, bitch... [Chorus] Facts If you got a problem I'm pullin' up str Grandmotha Grave Lyrics: Mannequin the f-f-f-first / This one of them nights / I be havin' good days / Then I be havin' days where it just hit me like a ton of bricks / Stay focused / Out the mud ... First class flight, get you a trip. Want me to take orders, gKevin Gates Lyrics. "RUMORS". You ain't safe, dick, where yoStraight to the kitchen, down to the nickel. I ne [Bridge] Unless there was fam' love or somethin', you heard me? You know And that wasn't really serious, you know You got to do me somethin', you can't just be talkin', you heard? You got to do me ...[Intro] Excuse me, you're not a plug So I why are we speaking for? Excuse me, you're not a plug So I why are we speaking for? Excuse me, you're not a plug So I why are we speaking for? Excuse me ... Ayy, bitch, I'd dive all across the top of your shi Put that pussy on me make me want nobody else but you. I'm wit it I'm wit it (Chained to you) I'm wit it I'm wit it (Chained to you) Hustle all day long but all I ever thought about was you. When ... I got family across the water, we all the way retarded[[Hook - Kevin Gates & August Alsina:] I wLil Cali, Kevin Gates · Song · 2019. Listen to Nasty on Sp You still crave my love like angel dust (Gates) My name's amazing, I was thinking I'm someone you should know. It ain't a bitch I can't make crazy, baby, truth be told. I know I'm fly as hell. Don't know no one in my cell. I walk in the room, then you go-. You gotta catch your breath. That money been comin' in loaves, they get them piled up ...Original lyrics of Me Too song by Kevin Gates. 1 user explained Me Too meaning. Find more of Kevin Gates lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. ... She say, "Bae, I'm nasty", I say, "Me too" Girl, you're addicted and I need you She say, "Bae, I'm nasty", I say, "Me too" I like fuckin' you in public, she say, "Me too"